The Network


There are many things that alter the course of your life. The most powerful one: the people you meet along the way. 

Think about the impact that a close friend has on your life. They recommend who to meet, where to eat, who to date, where to travel to, which bank to use, which company to invest in, which parties to go to, which car to buy, where to stay when traveling, where to vacation… the list goes on and on.

But why do you hear your best friend? Because they know you on a deep level, you trust them, and most importantly, he has good intentions. They prioritize you.

Our mission is for humans to be connected in a more profound and genuine way. That means spending less time online, disconnecting, spending time with loved ones, old friends, new friends, exploring, discovering, and in essence, living experiences and meeting people who will change the trajectory of your life.


If you ask your parents or grandparents, What would you have done differently?, the answers are always the same: I wish I had spent more traveling to new places; I wish I had spent less time working; I wish I had spent more time with my family. Basically, spend your time doing things that matter.  

Nowhere does it say to watch one more episode or scroll social media a little longer.

But what are most companies fighting for? Your most precious asset: your time. 

They are not respectful of your limited time or attention. They bombard you with irrelevant notifications. They look to maximize your time in platform, because you are the product and your time is their money.

Are companies that frequently require you to detox or fast even worth their existence? Probably not.

Lasting companies are built by nurturing healthy relationships with their users. By respecting someone’s time, you’re on your way to creating a beautiful relationship.


We believe people should be connected in a more profound and genuine way, thus, the future of social is private, discreet and curated. 

People’s relationship with technology is changing. First slowly, then all at once. This is happening because we realize that technology isolates us, that our life is finite and time is counting down.

We’re building a time-bound mission-based social network. Our social network is based on trust and connects our members via hyper-personalized missions.

We decided to interact with our members through mission-based interactions. You get a notification of an action you need to take, go in, do it, and go out. When there is nothing to do, there is nothing to do. No infinite scrolling, no search bar, nothing. 

We believe we'll be able to create an amazing relationship with our users. Build trust over the long term by consistently prioritizing them and providing them with incredible experiences and immense value.